Lawyers For Travel Agencies

We represent travel agencies in regulatory, civil, and quasi-criminal proceedings involving the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO). The lawyers at GlickLaw have acted as external legal counsel for years to numerous regulators in Ontario and have significant experience before the Licence Appeal Tribunal. Draw on our knowledge and experience to respond to complaints and investigations, defend yourself against charges under the Travel Industry Act, 2002, or deal with any other issue you may be facing with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario.

We can assist and act for  Travel Agencies on a wide range of matters including:

  • Responding to complaints, investigations, and inspections;
  • Representing travel agencies in hearings before the Licence Appeal Tribunal when their registration is refused, suspended, revoked, or made subject to conditions;
  • Representing travel agencies in criminal and quasi-criminal proceedings under the Criminal Code, Provincial Offences Act, and Travel Industry Act, 2002;
  • Representing travel agencies facing applications for restraining orders in the Superior Court of Justice;
  • Appealing freeze orders to the Licence Appeal Tribunal;
  • Assisting travel agencies in registration matters; and
  • Advising travel agencies on compliance with Travel Industry Act, 2002 and other relevant legislation and standards.
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